five basic flaws to avoid in web design

Nowadays, we all spend hours surfing the net whether it's to get specific information, buy products online or just to kill time. Not all web sites we visit amaze us and make us crave for more. There are thousands of sites online that make us regret clicking on the button linking to the site.

Effective web design is the key to keep the traffic flowing and give the visitors the best experience even without them realising. And web design in Birmingham is no different. For the best user experience, there are some design mistakes to avoid.

Here are 5 basic design flaws to keep away from:

1. Snail-speed loading landing pages test site visitors' patience and remind them of the past when dial-up connections used to rule. If you do not intend to lose traffic to your website on purpose, keep the home page simple and fast loading.

2. Most people do not read books, they simply wait for the film. So, why should it be different when they visit websites? Long texts lacking visual elements are usually a buzz kill unless the content is super-engaging. Less text, more visual elements is a must...

3. Links work against sites when they are broken and lead nowhere. Texts in blue hyperlink appearance tempt the visitors to click on, but no user will be happy with links leading to error pages.

4. Simplicity in language is vital. One might be a rocket scientist owning a website, but if the site is not intended for fellow rocket scientists and cluttered with jargon, the message will definitely be hard to follow leading to low conversion rates and constantly diminishing traffic.

5. Lacking essential elements like clear calls-to-action buttons or social media plugins leave website users in the dark as what to do next when they land on a page. Show users what you want them to do!

Although there are more flaws in web design, the five listed above are some of the most deadly ones.